Born 1965, Melbourne, Australia

Lives and works in Athens & Melbourne


Hazewinkel's work manifests at the intersection of lens-based and sculptural practices through which he considers relationships between psychological states embodied in damaged figurative sculpture and our own ephemeral bodies. 


More broadly his interests concern the changing meaning and value of materials and the contemporaneity of ancient material culture. His photo-archive and museum-collection based projects consider the ways in which the materiality of objects (and place) are caught up in the very human act of remembering.

Melding traditional forms of scholarship with studio-based practices he creates and configures objects and images as a means of considering how the deep past is entangled with the immediate present. Often explorations of hidden, forgotten or buried histories, his works reveal the contemporary social legacies of ancient stories, archetypes and objects questioning dominant historical narratives and how the pulse of the past might be considered a future shaping force. He makes photographs, objects, installations, exhibitions and books.