Sandra Bushby

Born 1965, Napier, New Zealand

Lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand



Sandra Bushby is currently a Doc FA candidate at Elam School of Fine Art, Auckland University. Her thesis title: ‘burrowing out’ is from thoughts of painting as a space for reflection, for turning things over with consideration for opening up strange clouds of feeling within the presuming. The paintings emerge from the tension between intervals and unfolding pictorial space in this way every interaction of the picture surface is active. Reading poetry and referencing poems’ visual structures and forms while thinking about the phenomenological ways of listening to the world and recognising the world as always retaining initiative is at the core of this painting practice.

‘Sandra works as if painting is a special way of marking time; of letting time take incremental and intermittent form; of letting time show itself through its crumbled edges and atmospheric patching; of showing the inadvertency of painting’s time’ . (Allan Smith)