Born 1968, Sydney, Australia
lives and works in Melbourne, Australia



Kathy Temin's practice explores memory, history and loss and is structured around the tension between oppositional dialogues, such as, emotion and abstraction, remembrance and play. Synthetic fur is a material associated with soft toy imagery, challenges systems of art making and questions of taste. Domestic materials, art history, monochrome and 1970s interior design and feminist ideologies have been brought together.


Since 1989, Temin has exhibited across a range of artist run, public, museum, commercial gallery spaces and outdoor projects. Her most recent works include The Chancellery Column Seat, 2020 at Monash University Clayton, White Garden: White Christmas, 2018, commission for Kanye West Los Angeles and The Koala Tram, 2015 as part of Melbourne Art Tram. Professor Kathy Temin is Head of Fine Art at Monash Art Design & Architecture, Monash University.